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RCW Energy Services, LLC is a high-performing company whose employee inclusive approach to HSE leadership underscores our paramount responsibility, the health, safety, and well being of our employees and the protection of our environment.  Our LTIR has consistently been 0.0 over the last 5 years (2012-2016) while our TRIR has averaged under 0.50 during that same time period.

The RCW Energy Services approach to safety and the environment can be summed up in one sentence:  Nothing is more valuable than the safety and well being of each one of our employees.

Our customers depend upon us to work safely in all aspects of what we do and we would have it no other way.  We work continuously to ensure that our people have the education and resources they need to make sure every day is accident free.

Because of our commitment to this way of performing, we utilize  All-American Safety & Training to provide us with the Safety and Qualification Training for our employees.  We utilize a “Hands On” approach that ensures a complete understanding by each and every employee throughout all of our disciplines.  We also conduct extensive cross training of employees so that they understand all the pieces of the puzzle, not just their own.  Concurrently, employees are encouraged to identify and assess any current or future risk through a safety first consciousness and share any concerns with RCW Leadership. The goal is to instill ownership and partnership in the continual improvement process as it relates to HSE and all aspects of our organization.  Every employee has the authority to stop a job at any time if, in their opinion, work conditions appear remotely unsafe or environmentally harmful.

Our goal is that we are the safest organization on our customers’ locations, providing them with incident free field services.

Safety is a value that is incorporated into every facet of the RCW operation.  Commensurate with this is our ongoing endeavors to be sensitive toward good stewardship of our environment. RCW complies with not only our internal corporate policies, but domestic legislation, regulatory codes and industry best practices as well. We align our environmental programs with those of our customers.

Everyone in our organization is responsible for environmental management and upholding our corporate responsibility. 

RCW is a member of PEC and ISNetWorld.


We specialize in high volume, high rate water transfer services.  We maintain extensive inventory of no-leak, lay flat hose in 8", 10" and 12" sizes to meet our customers requirements.  In addition, our inventory of top of the line pumps and state of the art equipment allows RCW to engineer every water transfer job, creating the most cost effective, safe and efficient route for every job RCW tackles.

Our ownership and management understand what issues are facing our customers and we personalize our services to achieve maximum results for our customers.

Our team of engineers, field personnel and managers provide a level of expertise on all jobs from pit to pit transfers to short or long haul no leak pipelines utilizing the latest in pump and pipe technology.  We deliver innovative and efficient end-to-end water solutions and well site services to oilfield operators throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.  We specialize in managing and executing the complexities and challenges of delivering and managing water in the most efficient, affordable and environmentally safe manner.  RCW's water management services include:


  • Sourcing and Permitting

  • Complete Engineering Services for Water Transfer Projects

  • Above Ground StoragePump and Pipe Selection

  • Lay Flat Pipe

  • Victaulic Couplings

  • Pit to Pit Transfers

  • Produced & Flowback Water Reuse

  • GIS Mapping of ponds/pits

  • Rentals

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