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RCW is the first water management company to bring a comprehensive; cloud based monitoring and diagnostic system designed specifically for the management of water resources.  H2OmniView is RCW's proprietary real-time interface that delivers affordable, easy to use tools to help users monitor and control their water network remotely in real time without the added expense and risk of additional manpower.  H2OmniView keeps you ahead of water issues with immediate visibility into the cause and effect relationship between the flow, level and pressure.  H2OmniView's distributed next generation technology:

  • Continuously monitors flow rate, pressure and water levels (at the source and well site)

  • Detects leaks, pump stoppage, short falls on water

  • Provides real-time alerts and notifications as well as historical reports and trends



Gain visibility and effectively manage your assets with Sentinel.  Sentinel is a cloud based solution that leverages a robust wireless IOT network of sensors so you have a real time view into your most valuable assets.  Know when an asset leaves your yard or how long it was at a job site and automate your inventory process utilizing Sentinel's easy to use reporting module.  No matter where you are, as long as you have internet access, Sentinel will keep watch of your assets.



Canary provides the notification you need in areas where you don't have available power or it is power itself you are monitoring.  Get immediate notification of:

Power outages

NO/NC Contact Switches (Kill Switches)

Leak Detection

Overflow Detection

RCW Energy Services has partnered with leading technology companies in order to allow our customers with the most innovative products to help them do their job.


RCW has developed key technology and products to help our customers achieve maximum results.  We continually invest in next generation technologies and pride ourselves on our innovation from engineering the most efficient water transfer routes to utilizing wireless technologies to get up to the date information on our jobs and assets.

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